Kabaru location

On 24th May, 1995


  1. Chief Benson K. Muriuki                                                               - chairman
  2. Assistant Chief C.G. Gatoto                                                         - Kirima Sub-location
  3. Assistant Chief C.M. Kimotho                                                     - Ndathi Sub-location
  4. Paul Wachiuri                                                                                     - Kirima
  5. Joseph Mathenge                                                                           - Munyu
  6. Daniel Kang’ang’I                                                                             - K.A.N.U Kirima
  7. Samuel Kariuki                                                                                  - Kirima
  8. John D. Matambo                                                                            - Kimahuri
  9. P. Mbataru                                                                                         - Secretary


  1. Assistant Chief J.M. Muchemi                                                    - Kimahuri
  2. Jackson Maina                                                                                   - K.A.N.U Kimahuri
  3. Councilor J.W. Mbichi                                                                     - Kabaru Location

Min. 1/95

The meeting was opened with prayers led by Paul Wachiuri.

Min. 2/95

The chairman thanked the members present for their attendance of the meeting in such a short notice and informed that the reasons for calling the urgent meeting was inconsideration of a special agenda concerning an application for building a cultural center within the location.

Thereafter he invited Samuel K. Kamitha the Co-ordinator of the project to explain to the members concerning the issue.

Min. 3/95

The co-ordinator of the project Samuel Kamitha explained in length everything concerning the establishment of the Gikuyu and Mumbi Cultural Museum and its importance to the community and the nation at large together with its reputation internationally.

Min. 4/95

The members present unanimously recommended the establishment and building the Gikuyu and Mumbi Cultural Museum within the location and also requested the Government to allocate it a site within the forest area.

There being no other agenda for the day the chairman thanked the members and the meeting was closed at 2:45 P.M.


Chief Benson Kabugi Muriuki

Kabaru Location Nyeri

Date 24/5/95


Locational Development Committee.