African American Ethic Sports Hall of Fame

Dear Brother Khatib,

I have received your letters and we are well.

First I would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in the project of which we are very grateful.

I want to confirm to you that I am now the patron of the project. I have presented your views to the technical committee and they are in agreement that I should take over as the patron.

In the meantime, research activities are going on at the proposed site in Mt. Kenya forest. I have also consulted with the Research Co-ordinator and the Director - General of the proposed Museum, Mr. Samuel Kamitha and we agreed he sends you some information for you to disseminate in America through your magazine and any other relevant outlets. Gikuyu and Mumbi Cultural Museum is at proposal stage and we are awaiting the granting of the land by the Government at the proposed site after completion of environmental impact assessment report, which is almost complete.

At a later stage we might invite you to enter into partnership with us to make the project have international appeal.

God Bless you