October 12th, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Ref: Archaeological Research in Nyeri County

This proposal is written to seek funds to undertake an archaeological excavation of 3 burial sites and one artifact site within Nyeri County (Nairobi River Burial Site and Gatarakwa respectively). The purpose of the excavation is to recover materials that can assist us in understanding the habitation and history of the people living within this region in the past. This history is important if we are to fully appreciate how humans have interacted in the past as one race with a common origin as seen through some of their practices and culture.

In addition, this project aims to open up this region through the development of archaeological heritage. This heritage will be used for training as well as economic development both locally and internationally. This is in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030 Mission.

Scientists from the National Museums of Kenya in collaboration with colleagues from the public universities (University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University) will undertake this project.

Thank you.

Dr. Purity Kiura

Head, Archaeological Section, NMK


Celebrating a Century of Heritage Management