Our Ref: QSSH/TD/56/11

                                                                                                            Date: 07/01/2011

The Director   General

Kenya Forest Service

P.o. Box 47147-001


Dear Sir,



We a re writing to register our concern in the way   the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) is handling the Queen of Sheba Springs Hotel’s (DSSH) application.

The KFS is aware GSSH is not a conventional Hotel but a spiritual homeopathic   retreat centre. The research involved intellectuals and the twelve elders who are the custodians of Mount Kenya Wisdom. The findings indicated an old natural spiritual retreat alter in use for about 3millennia. This facility compares well with Mai Chum, a similar   homeopathic centre founded by the queen of Sheba in Ethiopia.

Different schools of thought   have emerged in relation to Tagwa Shrine Majority of experts site two possible opinions:-

  1. It might have been used by Egyptian priests of Pre-Dynastic period as a homeopathic centre prior to ascension of the mounds of Horus (Mount Kenya in heliographic texts) .NB Mount Kenya from the old Egyptian Script is referred to asPillar. Northern   Pillar was Innu or On in the Old Testament .The centre was renamed   Heliopolis after the   Greeks occupation of Egypt .Southern pillar   was Gods abode   on earth   hence Ta-Neteru for Mount Kenya region.
  1. Tagwa shrine was the spiritual path connecting terrestrial and stellar in pre- dynastic Egypt. This stellar theology wasin the construction of the pyramids in the 3rd -6th dynasties as proven by presence of shafts in both Kings and Queens chambers.

With that insight experts speculated the presence of mass grave s or expansive burial sites within the vicinity of Tagwa forest and her environs to replicate the ground plan of the burial sites in Kings Valley in Egypt. When the lead experts in the matter Prof. Osaga Odak passed away, the writer concentrated in the hunt for the speculated sites. To the amazement of all, the writer stumbled on the speculated burial sites in 2007.The writer did the preliminary study and affirmed the first site was aligned to   constellation .Taurus .As a matter of urgency, the writer requested the opinion and expertise of the National Museums of Kenya. The NMOK Director General assigned 4 experts to the site. The preliminary study ‘affirmed the writer’s opinion .As of now what remains is excavations and sending the remains to South Africa for carbon dating .

A Case of disrespect to our psych


Karura forest was a prayer groove and a homeopathic centre as well .It was a part of mount Kenya forest   near Nanyuki town. Experts regard this groove   and the location of Triple, Tsc Shrine Southern Pillar) up the mountain in reference with unknown civilization in appeal to celestial entity. What we know today about Karura groove came   form the 12 elders who are the repository of our tradition. In analysis of natural psychic features, it calls for patience because elders are not in hurry when it comes to divulging of their past unlike the tangible labyrinth and complex engineering feat in the Nile Valley.

1935, the land office in Nanyuki Town allocated the said Karura groove to a white settler. This parcel of land had remained intact throughout ages. Government agents did not heed the words of advice from the local Kikuyu elders and the white settlers of good will (Raymond Hook and his pioneer settlers friends).

Within 3 hours of application, Colonel Erec Sydney (Percy) Smith and Mrs. Myra Wheeler were issued with the title deed of the sacred site. The issuing officer is said to have died soon. Colonel Erec Sydney was killed in a bar fight when he went out to enjoy his first fruit of labour.

An American rich lady, Rhoda Lewinsohn and husband Gabriel Prud’homme bought the property and built Mawingo house.

Prud’homme died in an air crush in Khartoum. The property was left without heir. Mawingo was auctioned by his executor MR. Lazarus Kappie Kaplan. The Hammer fell to Abraham Block the owner of New Stanley and Norfolk hotels. Block expanded the house to create Mawingo Hotel. The Hotel went under because of Mau Mau uprising 1952- 1959.The house was turned to a temporally British garrison.

After Mau Mau insurgency Block sold the hotel to American Holly wood actor William Holden and ray Ryan and a Swiss financier Cart Hirshman. They founded Mount Kenya Safari Club. Heavy investment was carried out in terms of hotel buildings and film industry that was conceptualized to borrow a leaf from Holy Wood ,mount Kenya became an international phenomenon.But ,unfortunately ,the hotel did   not pay back, it went to the drain.

One day as William was strolling over the beautiful club lawns with a heavy heart, had a chat with a gardener ,Wanjohi ,who was in his fifties. Wanjohi told him there was no way the club could make profits. It was built on Gods acre. William realized his mistake in Mawingo Hotel. He sold Mount Kenya Safari Club to a Saudi billionaire Adnan Kashogi in 1977.

  1. in America Ray Ryan was killed in a car bomb explosion in Chicago William Holden was found dead in his hose in Santa Monica in California. He had slipped in his house and cracked his scull on his coffee table   and bled to death.
  1. died in a mysterious yatch accident off the Coast of Chile.

Towards the end of 1984,Kashogi cash crisis put his empire to a nose dive. Finally he was jailed a poor man. Tiny Rowlands through Lonrho bought out Kashogi’s Mount Kenya Safari Club. After inheriting the club Rowland became impecunious millionaire.

This is contained in an upcoming title THE WILLIAM HOLDEN CLUB by his General Manager.

The writer an authority on Mount Kenya psych was asked by the author to give a comment.

Spirit domicillium remains timeless and priceless to the purpose for which they were ounded .Humanity throughout ages as a rule respect the status quo.Old   spirited sites in Africa inclusive of tombs, mastabas pyramids or the statutes in form of commissioned   masks are sacrosanct. As a rule, even when carrying out business within the said cores, one was indebted to make a recital of magic words to decommission temporarily the site or the object. Like many foreign Egyptologists, Howard Carter who opened Pharaoh Tutankhamen (1350BC) tomb in 1922 did not recite the magic words to decommission the tomb. In spite of his international fame, he suffered a strange aliment.

When the importance of Tagwa site came to the limelight, it was planned to be restored to her former use of a homeopathic retreat centre for planned pilgrimage. It should be noted, earlier, three major discoveries were made in Mount Kenya to give credit to Tagwa site.

  1. The legendary shrine renamed by researchers Tripple, S.TSC
  2. Sites 1 K B and 1 K C (The people daily, November 9, 2007.Entitled Mount Kenya Water Tabernacle).

World interest in the research undertaken in Mount Kenya for the last 20 years was evident in an international forum held in New Delhi, India, Mr. B.T Ogutu, Assistant Secretary General-Culture in the National commission for UNESCO presented a Kenyan paper under introduction of Cultural Heritage which are of outstanding and universal value. The paper left a powerful impact in the minds of participants

The highlighted discoveries made in Mount Kenya so far, are expected to promote Kenya as a world leading pilgrimage centre.

In 2007 a prominent judge of the High Court of Gambia. Justus M.A Paul visited the country. He simply enquired about Mount Kenya prayer walk .A similar request was made by the Cohen of the Nigerian Jewish community. Zimbabwe is steadily building interest in the matter, not to mention Ethiopia, who a long history of the Mountain embedded in their old traditions.

The Museum’s primary objective and the wish of the projects patron the Late Dr. Gikonyo Kiano, is to sell Mount Kenya prayer walk to the Africans in Diaspora, notably the black Americans.

Action plan was put in place, to sell Mount Kenya prayer walk locally first for three consecutive years. The first local prayer walk was observed on 27thDecember 2008,and the second on 27th December 2009.the 27th December 2010 was the final for   local initiative .From this year 2011, continental and overseas pilgrims are being invited through co-ordinated lectures in those lands.

In opening up the prayer walk to the outside world, guided estimates by international specialists I tourism planning and development indicate   a   rapid rise to one ( 1) million first visits within the first (3) years. In pilgrimage it has been predicted of a situation where it will become a world phenomenon. The government would be forced to regulate the entry of pilgrims by, either, reducing their number or raising the entry visa fee. Whichever method, the exchequer will have made extra shilling.

Tagwa homeopathic centre will be   opened not only to bring the worshippers to the realm of the emporium seat of majesty, but ,to rekindle the old conservation norms that is based on belief systems that recognized the sacrosanct of the Mountain.


  1. An application for QSSH was submitted on 16th March 1999.
  2. The Chief Conservator of forest approved the application through a letter dated 31st July 2001.
  3. The letter of acceptance.
  4. The chief Conservator of forest letter dated 8th March 2004,promising to issue the license immediately NEMA approved the appraisal.
  5. Our professional contractual agreement of 7th July 2006,
  6. NEMA Director General’s letter dated 26th June 2006, acknowledging receipt of the QSSH assessment project report.
  7. NEMA Director General’s letter dated 9th August 2006, demanding re-doing of the report.
  8. NEMA Director General’s letter date d 28th April 2008, approvesproject and the issue of licence thereafter.
  9. On 14th July 2008, the QSSH was issued with NEMA license. The licence was valid for 24th Months with the effect from the date of issue.

It is unfortunate that KFS can apply delaying tactics to put us out of Tagea shrine. We beg to be understood, that we are on a great spiritual reawakening mission in Tagwa shrine that will give black man a place in the world stage in the 21st Century.

Procrastination in public offices in Africa has become an impediment in the realization of their fellow African visions. Kenya is signatory to all UNESCO conventions that recognize culture as a tool of development .Cultures shape the environment and the environment shape cultures. The symbiotic relationship between habitats and cultures constitute a determining factor in the development of a sustainable human development.

The writer is the chief Seer’s Messenger. The Chief Seer heads the Mount Kenya College of Seers who entreaty in favour of the community, and operate in secrecy to guard their wisdom. Their wisdom out ways the early Christian gnosis. To conform to the prophetic calling, they renounce all tastes and live ascetic lifestyle. Simplicity is the virtue that guides all Mount Kenya seers.

Yours Faithfully,

For Gikuyu and Mumbi Cultural Museum

Samuel Kamitha

Director General

Cc. The Hon. Minister

     Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources

     P.O. Box 30126-00100